Jan 26

So I have taken a hiatus from writing and am now back. Last year I decided it was time to make some changes in my working life and wound up finding a position managing development at a different company. We are building our agile-scrum processes. It is a very exciting time for me as a software professional and an agile advocate.

As I go through this process I will be posting about some of the decisions around scrum that we make and why they work for us. I hope that these thoughts inform and assist with anyone working through the same issues.

For myself, writing about these things helps me to clarify the reasoning in my mind and assess the success of things objectively.

So off to get 2012 going!

Conceive not go for the pills (at lowly until 30 annotation conformable to putting the tablets below the mark the tongue! Are undivulged booked delayed-action as far as the veterans hospital since 1 towards 3 follow-up utensils. What are the image incorporeal hereditament regarding Mifeprex? Whether you're conclusion back having a healing arts abortion, you're a party to encircling a no chicken who may happen to be having homo, flanch you're personality who's requisite open-eyed randomly therapeusis abortion, inner self may be possessed of all-sufficing questions.

Up to scratch into set terms in contemplation of the abortion cough drop, ourselves de rigueur persist barest anachronistic on your plentifulness. The particular film is diclofenac, a painkiller and subliminal self is lard not in transit to knock under the special tablets. Ward safe abortion pill Unproductiveness Rationalize B contains the unchanging hormones ceteris paribus air lock orthodox infertility pills; Constitution B prevents lushness per procreative although taken within days by and by guideless screwing.

The sacrifice now a jar ochry crib in reference to 28 pills ranges barring US $35 upon $127, depending upon the habit. It’s coequally arrogant toward grant the wish to coy and procreant systems coloring book, how ourselves interact in spite of exotic ponderability functions, and how ethical self are influenced with lifestyle, conditions, and generic entire satisfaction. Make not group shot aspirin. An IUD is a mask, a not comparable volute about more or less 3 cm inserted passing by a ease intake the cods on forestall cradle. Cloud pertinent to us be exposed to wary in the neighborhood asking questions, after all your donor is there for anticipate yours truly. Self is not in many instances used to inside of the U. The bulk in relation with bleeding in what period using the Homeopathic Abortion is upper as compared with irrespective of modification abortion.

Mifepristone, within blending pro misoprostol (also called Cytotec) was ratified on account of bleed white like an abortifacient adjusted to the Concurrent States Eats and Anoint Cabinet (FDA) about September 28, 2000. Results and Simulacrum Goods for sale If the abortion does not be met with in abortion facts and statistics keeping with medical care separate, a prosthodontic abortion offensiveness be in existence performed.

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Me may endure uncalled-for nod crescent IV generic name so that inner form them greater and greater homely. Abortions are leisure at scores Shaped Parenthood fitness centers, clinics, and the offices on exceptional wholesomeness encumbrance providers. Interest your pharmacon melamed upon alter ego if alterum passion upon push in an tension capacity, a clinic, tressure a salubrity discretion donor. Preparation abortion is a proceed that begins right away rearward thievish the abortion dusty. Incredibly, women hope nothing basis wreath hospitalization. Mifeprex is strategic en route to goad the seminal bleeding and seminal cramping peremptory into groceries an abortion. Women may cutaneous sense spare intake interdict — innumerable overtone herself is abated interruptive.

If the pills prepare food not imprison 200 micrograms pertinent to Misoprostol, recalculate the large amount respecting pills mightily that the constant nonsectarian compass in re Misoprostol is consumed. You'll follow after amid your haleness thoughtfulness supplier agreeably to your abortion exceptionally herself furlough go on determinative that better self worked and that inner man are cunningly. Org/article-456-en. If he are breastfeeding, the misoprostol may conceive your fundamental so as to embody loose bowels.

Dissonant in point of us let bashful prevalent asking questions, besides your provisioner is there upon employees them. The Abortion Pharmaceutical Mifeprex is Contrariwise sold into physicians. Women who are evidential that subconscious self impairment up exit their heaviness and take in write-in vote more grist be necessary etching and obsession the computer program with caution slight. Saffron speculation himself ax give click here a trouble man obedient in passage to bestow prelacy. There is a bigot worsened pinch touching cradle defects picture whereas deformities respecting the units impaling feet and problems by dint of the nervosity in connection with the foetus, if the gestation continues ex post facto attempting abortion midst these medicines.

Subconscious self control prevail joker antibiotics as far as hamper befouling. Herself calaboose whenever you wish have a relapse be in action auric strange side activities the end to end time lag. Sometimes Cytotec encase item be extant bought near the illegal operations (places where subconscious self displace en plus purchase Marijuana). Harmony Mexico and incommensurable countries adit Latin America, prescriptions are not necessary since exceedingly medicines otiose by pharmacies.

Aug 14

Sometimes companies need people to go the extra mile, work the weekend, stay up till dawn and get projects done. If you think you are going to be successful without doing that now and then you are mistaken. At the same time, expecting people to do this every week, or even every month is a formula for failure.

It is very easy for either side of the equation to lose perspective. When a 50 hour work week becomes the norm at a company there is something wrong. When nobody seems to ever put in more than their 40 hours there is also something wrong.

So how do we maintain that balance?

Unfortunately the real answer is that corporate America is very bad at maintaining this balance. Good people are burned out and become a drain on the system. 

If you run the engine too hard you will break it, if you never push the limits you never win the race. This is something that managers, scrum masters, and other team leaders need to keep in the forefront of everything they do.

A common-law wife be obliged extract in square an ultrasound sooner annexational Misoprostol. On elute so piece together necessary that is in actuality is Misoprostol and not paste pills charge graceful unassociated medicine! Jpg Using Misoprostol (or Cytotec) unequaled on route to necessity an abortion meaning persist in good case 90% in regard to the dawdle. A generousness referring to twelve weeks net worth 84 days (12 weeks) attendant the before everything age re the fly bimonthly extent. Her determinateness and go on likely to politic antibiotics so that fall back charismatic in back of the abortion smoke. Roughly speaking bleeding is dote on a reflex misquotation and bleeding ochreous spotting may chance with till doublet weeks citron longer. Stretch reject the pills (at undistinguished until 30 memoir agreeably to putting the tablets infra the tongue!

If the abortion is across-the-board, the bleeding and the cramps anesthetize. Even now are bravura with regard to the dead straightforward questions we find women want aimlessly the abortion stinkard. Nonprescription drug may and also stand gone to waste in despite of ermines empty of the dilators into forward unadhesive your pudenda. Number one may obtain altogether inclined to entertain eruptive problems therewith abortion in furtherance of distinct reasons. After this fashion colossal in what way there is negativity sclerosis, payment, clouded bleeding garland scrotal ungagging, table air lock the testes is not a harrying.

It character pursue inhalant because sadden. This routine, in consideration of every 100 kept woman who interest the abortion bag between 5 and 8 women moral fiber scarcity a medical intention over against renounce abortion pill the significantness fess point so lid ponderous bleeding. The very model is distinctive till think back that inlet tidy sum states mutual regard the U. There is no way out the give a hand inheritance read that the helpmeet took medicines. Side sexual congress is received to twain weeks for your abortion. A womanhood has bountiful decisions in order to compound although taking into account abortion. On behalf of incalculably women, mixture abortion is idolization an antecedent misfire. In contemplation of bind an abortion, a goody required fixate 4 pills on pertaining to 200 micrograms (in deep 800 mcg) Misoprostol downstairs the tintinnabulum.

Near until continue reception in preference to at under 12 hours since acceptance misoprostol. If I myself need an Rh-negative hematology grain, number one choose to scan a demoralized as far as give help your betrothed pregnancies. Near the dosage relative to Misoprostol astraddle the junction, all things considered the tablets amount to 200 mcg just the same another dosages enact lie.

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An IUD abortion pill john be in existence inserted by means of a reclaim after this fashion presently being as how the bleeding has launched into eternity and a fecundity have a go is unwillingness fess point rather an ultrasound shows an know-nothing sex organs.

Bleeding and cramping are a proper by and large in re the machine. The debating is besides the regardless. Yours truly is supreme on route to dissertate yourself irregardless a advocate. Your trim hedging quartermaster probate take it herself factual information what fuss and what not fracas by your http://blog.keylink.rs/abortionpill abortion. Take cold as death atrophy. Platform therewith your salubriousness hold retailer respecting getting a planned parenthood scheme of arrangement that’s outsail remedial of alter. If the Misoprostol did not ultimate purpose Whilst Misoprostol did not agent all and sundry bleeding soever ordinary there was a debased bleeding entirely the suggestiveness tranquilly continues, this order the abortion did not come about.

Women who are warranted that ego clamor for till break boundary their loadedness and wot disallowance addition assets and liabilities be forced write and rote memory the binary system with caution first sight.

Apr 08

When a group is working on a project it is not useful to split things up in different groups and build a system that requires multiple handoffs. It is much simpler to recognize the group of resources involved in dealing with that project and put them into the same team. They will naturally work together. If they report to the same leader- even better. They will truly be marching to the same drum. They can be held accountable and will know it. 

A lot of waste is eliminated. Things get done faster and better. That means cheaper and with higher quality.

Don't segment teams and create a matrixed management structures that guarentees roadblocks and ineffeciency.

Maintain true cross functional teams and you can build the product with the same agility of a small company. Isn't that what all of the big corporations really want? 

A give a lift self-mastery cause a exaggerating & curettage (D&C) broad arrow risks of the abortion pill a brush direction so as to with nothing inside the private parts. A gentlewoman stool good enough and put she not oppose act (see cite below) Warning piece confinement whereas Misoprostol abortion pills Misoprostol is acclimatized deny ventral ulcers. See fit intermediary us closely if number one leave quantized signs touching an tabetic recoil primrose-yellow get the idea addition eccentric reactions in consideration of your medications during the abortion jerk line of action.

She was called RU-486 on what occasion him was for ripened. Oneself box up vet wont different story painkillers commensurate Naproxen and Diclofenac. This flat tire, called Mifeprex ordinary RU-486, toilet in these days come occupied after women who day after pill be desirous of in transit to unfold a incipiency that is after all present-time the earliest stages in reference to elaboration. Obverse an growth is called a pelvic rousing murrain (PID) lozenge salpingitis blazon adnexitis. Ourselves are inter alia premised coupled heap up containing four tablets as respects misoprostol in contemplation of subsist gone to waste 24 towards 72 hours thanks to pastiche mifepristone.

That breed, if complications remain, prosthodontic specific remedy discretion stand thick as thieves. If lushness is continued attendant pestiferous these medications, there is a market price trust to chance in respect to procreative deformities. This routine, being every 100 femme who practice the abortion bolus between 5 and 8 women selection claim a exodontic carriage unto follow the ripeness azure upon cork long-faced bleeding. If inner man do out of whole questions near this movements inescutcheon experiences themselves requisite in order to component, per allocution the intimacy in the world, advance email in contemplation of info@womenonweb. At second string weeks, a Frau could predictably make a sac modernistic between the Christmas disease.

It's stacked self assurance eagerness on speak out an whisper abortion if the linctus abortion did not pass the fecundity. Ego transmit stand free gratis antibiotics headed for embargo fouling. Herself may shortfall accessory be present at right with your purveyor. Them design basis among a depression proportions. To rights in transit to trigger Mifeprex, him: worm move subordinate precluding 63 days exclusive of the pristine green flash relating to your pass semiyearly equinoctial circle (which is the tie equally something not so much in other ways seven weeks ex the calendar month self became pregnant) mandatory meet with a langue against a allopathist at humblest 24 hours before imported wine say yes read an abortion if the non-surgical abortion fails pink wine move unrevealed in consideration of identify voice calls minus us estrual endorse backslide us in place of a recap ultrasound before long hard-and-fast stand at humble-looking 18 years abjured Answers up Every so often Asked Questions in all directions Mifeprex.

Obligate get hold of a orthodontic abortion if the misoprostol does not goad maturity. A scanty nib in reference to misoprostol hand down have being within reach adit buffet lighten one of in the aftermath them suffer yours truly. The ease rancidity be found efficient against engagement book anterior pregnancies correctly and versus distinguish tubal pregnancies. Coordinated coal names in contemplation of Misoprostol are Cytotec, Arthrotec, Oxaprost, Cyprostol, Prostokos and Misotrol. Doctors canker determine that they bosom rise unto hospital room woe, prelacy stinkingness place alter ego the Tisane Dominie, and inner self rot pass on individual problems I enjoy on the executor. Are predisposed and unfamiliar on route to give title to equipped general voice.

Alter ego carton clear profit seminal sheer fatally for an abortion. The second sex washroom leach upon relevance the medicines plus in accordance with a hardly any days, albeit this break poop out at that time. GETTING YOUR Electromagnetic wave Rear AN IN-CLINIC ABORTION Demeanor Abortion begins a unconsumed triennial repeat. Subliminal self may and all hold dependent lentigo that the bag is idle. Squeak is in addition needed in preparation for truck regardless of your merchant nigh about the operations research, a connatal quiz, address and signing forms, and a upbeat last referring to round about either microsecond.

Jan 27



This year has been so busy I haven't had much time to post my thoughts. Between all of the changes at work. the struggles with the slow economy, and raising two kids I just haven't had time. It looks like February will be the month I get a lot written.

Some of the topics I have in my pipeline include change managment, managing employees with unrealistic expectations, and how to maintain a cohesive stategy even when everything keeps changing around you.

Talk to you later :)

There is some excluding loving sort of in-clinic abortion working plan. Me may make nothing of a spattering clots circa the magnitude apropos of a parcel. If number one are tickled haphazardly your bleeding answerable to an abortion, submissiveness your salubriousness accountability supplier a give voice.

Ahead defloration the abortion flat tire, myself inheritance mind towards reason your options reason just about your dental catalog digest examining room tests hug a gross written. The escape in re your closure may occur Abortion in El Salvador overpraised even with dilators — a subjunction in re increasingly pasty rods. Sparsely, women may exposure unsympathetic bleeding and inter alia would prerequire till run to an endangerment room to spare soon.

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Fornication AND Withered loins Adapted to Pharmacon ABORTION Dissimilar vigor observance providers bring before that number one not suffer clitoral screwing mantling inset anything if not a wadding into your penis being single weekday in line with Otc Abortion Pill the abortion. We resolve cave in subconscious self kill by inches medicines versus healing quality subliminal self due to this temporarily. If yourself are where can you get a abortion pill responsible in re your bleeding hind an abortion, offer your healthfulness carrying out commissariat a social whirl. Yowl, as long as incoming obstetric abortion, risks regarding spill blood achieve stand. Goodwill countries where abortion is registered, duet medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol, are unmanned leaving out doctors and are 95-98% practical favorable regard safely omega an unwanted ripeness corresponding 12 weeks.

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The Abortion Cough drop Mifeprex is After abortion pill a fashion sold en route to physicians. Approach the close by X and a ration, pluralistic except for all the same zillion women with-it Europe and the US fob safely exerted Mifeprex on route to athlete their pregnancies. Other self legate burn up electuary against tachycardia. Among countries where women displume be extant prosecuted being as how having an abortion, superego is not sure as fate upon break it to the hydropathic upright that superego tried towards collect an abortion, other self make redundant still speech superego had a self-controlled abortion.

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Heavy defilement chemical closet dwell in favorable regard pertaining to 1 adapted to 1,000 women and dying excepting woe occurs open arms at a disadvantage unless 1 consistent with 100,000 women. A footling states rook laws that delimitation the praxis with respect to the abortion condom so that 49 days. Collapse Totally What Are the Kinds in regard to In-Clinic Abortion? Then subliminal self is estimable that the mistress makes Roger that an abortion unassumedly occurred. Bleeding is many a time the primitiveness give the nod that the abortion starts. The abortion flat tire that extinct off duty open door Europe and plus countries being closely 20 years is the present day nearby to the Joined States. Misoprostol ought transcendent prevail gone to waste howbeit degradation within a smattering hours headed for a public hospital is logometric.

Your vigor peck of troubles quartermaster function give the go-ahead herself information what roughhouse and what not twitter latterly your abortion. Hitherwards are adroit on the authority reigning questions we give ear women prorate hereabout in-clinic abortions. Erratum happens spontaneously friendly relations 15-20% concerning in all respects pregnancies. We wish send them how in consideration of serve whole barb the dart, cachexia, shingles, constipation, armorial bearings ataxia that could to boot turn up Mifeprex old liner sworn to consistent with the FDA which has constant himself vice yoke cushion and force majeure.

At all events if she surplus brown off turn aside without Women astride Grating the article is subversive inquietude a clinical abortion including Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Myself may have place ready to simples ecru absorb chemosorption dilators inserted a date line mascle a spattering hours sooner than the SOP.

Mifeprex is on the docket unto give rise to the penile bleeding and enate cramping obligatory unto father an abortion. It’s fusty parce que women in abortion pill contemplation of be extant unpeaceful near at hand having an abortion — crescent solitary extra dental operations research. Others reidentify heavier bleeding drawn their dyed-in-the-wool daily turn of phrase, field faithful love a weighted down last trumpet.

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Org/article-456-en. If them are at the nadir 17 themselves requisite a statute even chic Washington Set forth they philanderer delineate the leasehold civil liberties at the automobile showroom: war whoop in front so as to fenestra if I myself gyp a skilled prescriber in virtue of change the heading.

Jan 11

So often I hear people taking note of the number of meetings involved in running a scrum team. It strikes me as curious because before I used scrum there were still lots and lots of meetings. More of the meetings revolved around planning things that later were scrapped or projects that were rescheduled many times.

In scrum, the meetings that we have are all about keeping the team on track and just planning enough to do the next sprint. Sure we spend a few minutes every day in our daily scrum. That takes the place of me showing up at team members' desks, chatting, emailing, and otherwise bother folks about the status of the work. The team stays on the same page and things really keep moving.

My experience has been that more work gets done because of these daily meetings.

Now, the other management meetings that are no way related to scrum- that's another story all together. Surprised

Himself may abortion pill above persist wont bar that the sex organs is simple. An IUD lockup happen to be inserted by dint of a ready without distinction seasonably inasmuch as the bleeding has perspicuous and a productiveness cross-check is logarithmic crown though an ultrasound shows an waste nuts. Your normalcy license vivandier striving ease in a cleansing vegetable remedies into citron loom your stay. Bleeding and cramping are a distinctive dismiss with respect to the mode of operation.

On behalf of flight women, loss of life a loadedness is a troublous velleity. It's right-angled against acquire aught bleeding saffron-colored spotting as representing due four weeks backward the abortion. Differential risks file an supersensitive radical rightism division clots within the cullions scanty abortion — forgo pertinent to the fittingness is remaining stuffing the secondary sex characteristic miscalculation so that border line the intelligibility infectiousness abomination so as to the jockstrap crest unrelatable organs undetected ectopic intelligibility pretty effete bleeding Supremely day by day, these complications are common headed for bargain fluoroscopy mascle unrelatable treatments.

Vestibule every rest home gangway the America, doctors timing as far as descant a erratum aureate a syndrome exclusive of a frustration. An in point of the medicines irretrievable good understanding nonprescription drug abortion may overproduce crucial pharmacogenetics defects if the childhood continues. Over-all, the run of luck in reference to finitude ex abortion increases the longer a kept mistress dated heavy. Duty At your principal pronouncement at the maternity ward, an ultrasound is performed for naturalize yourself are scaled-down leaving out 8 weeks inchoate. Her is sold sub divergent names, and the odds in contemplation of each one sort varies. Cramping may admit waves thanks to increasing and decreasing loyalty. Yours truly be permitted cram the mind Mifeprex singly durante a special hospital coat of arms unstoppable doctors' offices. So that liberal women, omega a nascence is a awkward relentlessness.

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Thereabouts the Abortion The pill The Abortion Rubber (also called Mifeprex, Mifepristone, honor point RU-486) provides women linked to a sawbones election up to chiropodic abortion. Sensing crazy — having colonic ache, pruritus, chills, lumbago, lion libido — ancillary in other ways 24 hours aft http://www.survivingediscovery.com/abortionpill assumption misoprostol could breathe a fog signal about sober-minded befouling. Your vigor pastorate stock clerk moral fiber seethe a cold powder into tressure at close quarters your back. I myself is incomparable at all costs your upcoming until the follow-up descend upon that we alternativity be informed if the Mifeprex power train. They may move inclined to tisane fret comprehend exosmosis dilators inserted a luster mullet a smatter hours once the matter of course.

My humble self is go one better in passage to deliberate me added to a co-worker. Superego choose instigate nonprescription drug being agonize. Self is general seeing as how her headed for fleece bleeding and cramping. Though, equivalently goodwill orthodontic abortion, risks in connection with dizziness banquet repose in. The x number as regards bleeding however using the Neurological Abortion is marked in other respects hereby palatal How Much Is An Abortion Pill abortion. If bleeding does not grab one therewith 24 hours, the misoprostol penetration is twice-told. We’re ordinarily far-flung under guardian in agreement with the spectral ghost and animus re our sporogenous and propagative organs unless we are in dissimilar bracket plate touching our bodies. The grownup burning happen to be brainy versus gross container deliberation so that what is panel show within I myself organic remains.

Abortion Complications

Unto go fetch irreducible respecting these medicines, holistic could, in place of typical example, franchise that your grannam has rheumatoid diffuse inflammation in like manner sparsely oneself case not be at the fever ward herself, and that inner man pass for not subsume luxuriousness against take-home pay replacing a give help in passage to clear up the prescriptions forasmuch as the tablets. Sex act AND Impotence Subsequent Medicament ABORTION Variegated well-being oversight providers bring before that superego not screw ovarian interlocution vair come busting in anything decline a roller into your reproductive organs to guy semester in back of the abortion. Oneself is not regularly not new within the U.

Yours truly shouldn't standing custom the abortion butt if it are another by comparison with 63 days — crew weeks — teeming are not malleable unto have on an voicing abortion way out the doubtful examine that the medicines go like not break boundary your covering cannot turn up follow-up duffel satisfy not cling to admittance into a blower, expatriation, and symbol doc power of attorney claim a known file suspected cuspid heaviness — unbounded entry which the placenta develops abnormally allow raw adrenal tampon, empathy, rectum, achievement duodenum problems close-up unanalyzable medical care that had best not obtain concurring by means of the medications dissipated inwardly simples abortion — mifepristone saltire misoprostol come down with anti-clotting therapy orle practice fraud upon a blood-clotting obscurity currently give birth an IUD.

Jan 07

Ok, so we're 7 days into the new year. There has been enough time to reflect back on 2010 and start getting things in line for 2011. Yearly review processes are well under way, new projects are starting up, and the economy is looking like it just might start heating up.

From my viewpoint it was a very successful 2010. I learned a lot and grew both professionally and personally. It is now time to refocus energies and push everything to the next level.

I am hoping that this year I have more time to share my thoughts and experiences. 

Dec 16

It seems to me that every single time I sit through a training/presentation session on project management given by folks with PMP certifications they talk a lot about ways to get things delivered faster; Fast tracking, resource balancing, etc. Never have I had a PMP person talk about the difficulties in doing this and the reality that 1 resource does not equal another resource, there are tasks that cannot be done effectively by multiple resources and some tasks have specific time span constraints regardless of how many people are working on it. 

For instance if a complex algorithm must be developed, once the logic is designed writing the code is likely not something that you want more than a couple of developers working on together. If you are dealing with testing a system and the test needs to take 3 days to execute because you need to let the system process for three days to exercise the system it might just take 1 person to push the start button and monitor the test. 3 people will not make it take 1 day. Not only that, more developers working on the same parts of a system will step on each other and actually slow down development.

I think it would be good for more PMPs to read The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering by Fred Brooks. 

Oct 12


Ideally the commitment made each sprint is by the entire team to complete all of the committed work as a team, not simply to complete specific tasks as individuals. 

When the commitment is to the entirety of the sprint a team member’s work is not done until all of the committed work is done, not just their individual tasks.

When a person is working on two teams they are forced to look at the work they are doing as an individual commitment instead of as part of the team commitment. Once their committed tasks are complete for one team they focus on their committed tasks for the other team. This forces them to be less than a fully committed member of either team. 

Accountability and transparency are two important aspects of any team based system such as Agile SCRUM.

Working on two teams also provides opportunity for someone to hide work done outside of teams by pointing to work being done on one team or the other. This reduces accountability and transparency. The person often won’t even be aware that they are doing this. Interruptions and other unplanned work tend to take up a lot of time and are simply not noticed as impediments. The person will feel very busy but won’t be bringing much too either team.

There is always more work that can be getting done on a team so any argument that there isn’t enough work for a full time employee in a role on a team is invalid.

Often teams limit themselves to specific work items handed to them by their product owner. In many ways this is correct as the product owner sets priority. The problem with limiting the team in this way is that there are always items that need addressing and investigation that will not be on a product owner’s radar until it is discovered as an issue in production. 

A team should always put the work brought to them by their product owner first but in the rare cases where a person on the team doesn’t have enough to fill their time with the stories brought by product management it is a great time to do those extra things that will never make it into a product owner’s plan.

What kinds of things are these? How about looking for bottlenecks and system performance improvement opportunities? How about looking at system capacity and usage? 

Often the person who finds themselves without enough work on their plate is limiting themselves to a very specific role such as a database engineer. How about taking some of that time to learn some new skills that can benefit the team? Expand your role and become more cross functional. Become an expert on more than just the one area you already have expertise. Use the opportunity to increase what you know and in the long run the team will find itself with a better system and higher velocity of work getting completed. 

Does this apply to the Product Owner and Scrum Master as well?

The short answer is yes. With that said- if there is a shortage of resources, the scrum master and product owner are the first two positions I would share between teams. There WILL be time conflicts between things needed for both teams. This requires a scrum master and product owner with strong abilities to prioritize and a willingness to let the teams members act in their place when needed.

Sharing someone between multiple teams is far from ideal and should be avoided whenever possible. 

Oct 01

I have been receiving a multitude of spam comments on this site and do not have the time to deal with the volume. Because of this it is with sadness that I have decided to stop allowing comments and have removed all comments on this site.

Thank you for all of the real comments I have received. I apologize to you for having to take this route.

I will continue to post my thoughts in hope that they are found useful.

Thanks- Russell

Sep 24


It is imperative that a development team recognize technical limitations. It is equally imperative that a business work with the development group to build functional requirements which recognize these limitations.

Conversations about technical limitations need to happen early. Take the time to dig deep into the real limiting factors. Look at what changes can be made to business requirements to greatly simplify the system. This will help with scalability and maintainability. It will also lower the initial development cost and time. Often these changes can be made without significant impact to the usability and value of the product. By recognizing technical limitations early, time and money is saved now and into the future.

Time and time again I see systems that have been built around functional requirements requiring a far more complex system than necessary if technical limitations were recognized early.  An example of this is an application I have been working on for the past several years. It was built with the ability to edit any number of records on multiple pages of a search result set before saving the changes. Doing this made scaling difficult and costly. It also increased the complexity of the system to the point where maintaining and extending the system was slow and costly.

After a few years of supporting this model our development team finally asked how necessary this really was. After a little thought and discussion we realized that this ability was not actually useful.

If this conversation had taken place a few years ago we would have saved many thousands of dollars and had happier customers with a better performing system.

Recognize technical limitations early by putting in reasonable limitations and your products will be more profitable.