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Quality-focused and solutions-driven Software Development Manager/Scrum Master/Project Manager equipped with 16 years of software engineering experience in design development, and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance technology solutions. Demonstrated hands-on experience in leading all stages of software development efforts, including requirement definition, testing, and support. Possess extensive background in full life-cycle of software development process including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging and maintenance. Experience serving as a client’s main point of contact regarding needs definition, project status and issue resolution.  Proven track record of success in generating revenue, meeting project milestones, and developing long-term relationships with clients. Exhibit outstanding interpersonal, group presentations, and written communication skills with expertise in interfacing with technical teams and non-technical business-side stakeholders. Expertise in translating strategic business and IT objectives into concrete action plans. Creative thinker and analytical problem-solver with demonstrated ability to manage complex projects from planning through execution/completion under the extreme pressure of fast-paced, time-sensitive environments.


Agile/Lean Methodologies - Leadership and Teambuilding - Software Architectures 

Project Management - Strategy Identification - System Maintenance

Database Design - Data Modeling - Software Support 


Technology: C#, T-SQL, SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005/2008, .Net Web Services, WCF, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, CouchDB, Mongodb, XML/XSLT, MSMQ, MUMPS, Cache DBMS, MS Access, Btrieve, Client/Server, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Perl, Load Balancing, TCP/IP, EDI, CSLA, FTP, SSL, VB6, VB.Net, SMTP, QuickBasic, Visual C++, Assembly, OOD/OOP/UML

Software and Applications: TFS, Subversion, SourceSafe, IIS, N-Unit, MS Office, Rally Dev, Visual Studio, Install Shield, Wise Installer, Microsoft Project, JIRA, 

Process Lean, Kanban, Scrum, SDLC, Waterfall



Software Development Manager 2012-Present

Responsibility for developers, testers, outsourced resources and contractors working on Wren Solutions’ software offerings. This includes all hiring decisions for the software development teams and full budgetary responsibility for all software R&D expenses.

Responsibility for engineers working on technologies outside my realm of deep personal hands on experience. This includes various Linux applications using technologies such as PHP, C++, Live555, and FFmpeg, and iOS.

Regular interaction with all levels and areas of the company including Hardware Development Team, Support, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, and the Executive team.

Leadership of investigations into use of different technologies such as NOSQL 

Added responsibilities for internal IT infrastructure planning, maintenance, budgeting, and vendor management in early 2013

Notable Contributions:

Improved project velocity and team cohesion by enhancing and promoting Agile Scrum practices within the company.

Led a project to conclusion that had been dragging on for a year before I arrived. This project involved a plug in architecture for video surveillance cameras and enhancements to a proprietary video player. In this project I had the additional responsibilities of program manager and product manager.

Developed and achieved acceptance of an enhanced release process for our physical security system that led to the successful release of a product that had previously been pulled from the market due to technical issues. 

Successfully led the integration of an access control system with a client’s HR system. This was the first integration of this kind attempted by the company. The project was delivered on time and no defects have been found. This effort involved direct interaction with the client as the project manager and technical contact along with leadership of the implementation team.

Constructed prototypes for a new WCF web service that has allowed the development team to accelerate development of a new product offering.

Successfully convinced a key employees who had planned to leave the company to stay and continue working with the company.



Software Development Manager 2008-2011

Regularly review the day-to-day responsibilities to analyze what needs to prioritize for the day.

Organize and participate in various scrum meetings, update project progress, review project plans, administer defect backlogs, and eliminate obstructions for the teams.

Provide professional advice to employees and team members on working with new programs.

Collaborate with architects to ensure that the design meets with the targeted vision.

Conduct interviews, phone screenings, salary reviews, as well as budget proposals.

Work closely with other managers and directors to solidify plans and process changes.

Cooperate with support groups to study and comprehend the impact of software issues to meet customer expectations.

Oversee the software development for applications that assist hospitals in managing revenue cycle and set prices.

Assume full responsibility in supervising software engineers and directing three SCRUM teams.

Coordinate efforts, systematize processes, and produce technical roadmaps covering several application teams and departments across the country.

Serve as the only development manager and scrum master that managed multiple teams within the division.

Notable Contributions:

Significantly minimized deployment time for both teams from 10 hours to less than 2 hours though process improvement and staff coaching.

Substantially developed quality of software releases by virtually eliminating additional support and hotfix work following releases through effectual process improvement and coaching staff.

Created fundamental transformation in the expectation of a release for the teams.

Introduced and spearheaded the conceptualization of a team survey process used across business segment to provide feedback on team and individual success.

Successfully revived a low performing team with a buggy application and problematic releases to a high performing team with outstanding quality releases of well-performing software. 

Determined and spearheaded the teams in developing solutions to business problems that drove multiple large sales that boosted product’s revenue by more than 25%, which include landing the largest non-profit hospital group in United States as a user of one of the applications.

Minimized the impact of a release for the products that allowed training sessions with multi-million dollar accounts to take place within the same timeframe as a scheduled release.

Production Lead Engineer (Software Engineer IV) 2007-2008

Expedited multi-departmental projects and application integration efforts between remote development teams.

Originated and devised business object framework, web services, MSMQ implementation, a centralized logging system, and numerous other aspects of the company’s software.

Played leadership role in administering four direct reports, while managing the development of software maintenance releases and applications teams that serve approximately 1000 hospitals across the United States through a transition from waterfall to agile SCRUM.

Software Development Team Lead (Software Engineer III) 2005-2007

Designed and established software while providing supervision to other team members.

Planned and generated numerous components for one of the company’s flagship charge master/code compliance applications, which include reviewing requirements, estimating project timelines, and spearheading the development team to successful project completion.

Produced and imposed engineering practices adopted for the software development segment that spans three development departments across United States (West Coast, Atlanta, and Texas).


Software Developer 2001-2004

Acquired knowledge in various technologies from legacy applications to the emerging .NET web application technology in both client-facing and back-end systems.

Managed various applications, such as general ledger, ordering, EDI systems, and tools necessary for predictive analysis.

Performed DBA responsibilities, such as backup/recovery plans, data archiving, and index tuning

Developed and restored legacy systems based in MS Access, VB 6.0, ASP.NET, and QuickBasic.

Conceptualized various back office procedures and tools, such as an incident tracking system and various file delivery utilities using FTP, POP, Serial Communications, and TCP/UDP.

Administered and maintained Technical and Training Documentation for the Development Team.

Facilitated training for Support Department in application functionality.

Notable Contributions:

Formulated data import framework for pulling data from multiple data formats and sources, including Sybase Database, Btrieve Database, ODBC, ASCX-12 EDI, XML, and numerous custom formats.

Introduced and executed a client/server file upload system using proprietary TCP system used by RTI to service McDonald’s franchises monthly upload of financial data.

Developed SQL 2000 data structures and processes for a data acquisition center with heavy transactional usage in a highly available SQL Cluster environment with strict service level agreements.

Generated several system architecture and business logic utilizing VB.NET, C#, Web Services ADO.NET, SQL Server, .NET Win form Controls and .NET Win Forms.

Set up desktop application that integrated a Palm handheld application.

Created and implemented multifaceted customizable reports using Crystal Reports in VB.NET and VB 6.0.

Wrote and employed custom installation scripts using Install Shield and Visual C++ for custom dialog.


Software Developer 1996-2000

Assumed full responsibilities in providing client support and training to system development.

Served in capacity of manager that mentored support, development, and administrative staff.

Provided expert oversight and general management to staff, project timelines, and software updates.

Facilitated and administered training seminars for clients.

Worked on onsite data conversions, installations, and training of new personnel.

Notable Contributions:

Formulated various client/server applications, such as billing, patient scheduling, electronic insurance transmission, and reporting using Visual Basic 4, 5, 6, MUMPS, Cache DBMS, and Microsoft Access

Generated installation packages using Wise Installer, which performed database migrations and application installations, along with demo packages using Demo Shield.

Developed and maintained company LAN and system backups.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - UNIVERSITY OF NEW ORLEANS  NEW ORLEANS, LA (1996)


Certified Scrum Master – CSM (2011)

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - MCSE (2001)


Eagle Scout